The Foundation:
The foundation was created by the Hovannesian Family after they found the solution to their child's feeding problem.  
Through their struggle they met incredible people in  similar situations to their own.  Tired and frustrated by unanswered
questions the foundation was created to assist with supplies, education, and results.
Our Mission:
Millions of children are unable to eat properly due to syndromes, birth complications, accidents, and some for no known
reason.  Since they are unable to eat normally feeding tubes may be used to save their lives.  In many of their lives there
comes a point when the child needs and can eat normally,   but after time behaviors and other issues may affect the process.
 The transition from feeding tubes or from poor eating is difficult for the child and the family.  We hope to offer assistance in
what ever way possible because WE HAVE BEEN THERE!   
"Helping families one meal at a time"
A Non-Profit Organization
We are happy to announce
that Vivian's feeding tube
was removed April 18, 2007.  
Thank you all again for all
the help, love, prayers, and
support!  We could not have
done this without you!!!
Thank you for visiting our website.

This website was designed to help families with children with feeding difficulties.

Our goal is simple: Support families through the process of teaching their child to eat.
Dr. Audrey Hovannesian was
selected as one of the Daily
Press 2010 Most Inspiring
Women for her work with the
Hovannesian Feeding

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PLEASE NOTE: The Hovannesian Feeding Foundation is
no longer accepting or delivering supplies at this time.  
For assistance, please contact the Oley Foundation